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Juice Cleanse – Day 1 & 2: What to expect

Let’s be clear – just because I’m a yogi vegetarian it does not mean that my body does not cry during a juice cleanse. Why am I doing this again? I’m currently writing this sat at a coffee shop, which smells like freshly baked bread, and I literally want to cry. I’m sitting here sipping on my third cup of green tea and all I have going for me right now is the cafes cat – which is beyond adorable.

I’m on a “Love Yourself” holiday (blog post coming in the next week – stay tuned!) and I thought – “How could I show my body how much I really love it?!” Oh, and the answer was a 5-day juice cleanse! There are many theories on Juice Cleanses and I feel if there is no follow-through, it does seem a bit worthless. I found my body craving ‘naughty’ food of late and I wanted to refresh my system with a cleanse. Normally, I’m a cheese and chocolate loving freak show, which I know isn’t ideal, so this is me resetting the cravings.

My goals from this juice cleanse:

  • Lower my sugar consumption (I still need chocolate in my life – I love myself)
  • Increase my fruit and vegetable intake to accompany my meals three times a day and two fruit snacks in between
  • Completely clean my system out

I’ve been feeling CRAP lately; there really is no other way to say it. I’ve been ridiculously busy with Travel With Lamb and being on the road all the time leads to bad eating habits. I’ve also found my sleep patterns are all over the place sometimes living off five hours and surviving and other nights getting too much sleep and suffering. In short, I haven’t been loving my body as much as I should and the neglect has shown in my mood and wellbeing.

SO, I contacted my FAVOURITE place – The Juice Kitchen and they recommended the five-day Go Green Cleanse. Just so you know, this post is not sponsored, I paid for the cleanse myself. I just love their juices and I’m SO excited because they’re opening up a store in Ballito come November (just as I’m leaving for South Korea – thanks, guys!).

The day before my juice cleanse started, I had two slabs of chocolate and as much cheese as I could – this was a MISTAKE. I thought that if I overkilled it – it would be easier the next day. Just… no.

Day 1 of Juice Cleanse

My journal entries are hysterical, they’re all over the place admitting that if I cheat, no one would know kinda thing. I’m such a rebel it frightens me. I bought myself some herbal teas to tide me over and off I went. The hunger left me at about 11 am and hasn’t really come back since – holding thumbs on that one!

juice cleanse

Keep up to date on my Juice Cleanse on Instagram – instagram.com/travelwithlamb

Day 2 of Juice Cleanse

I slept for 9 and a half hours! This is SO not like me because I always feel groggy and terrible after sleeping too much. I woke up feeling fine with no hunger pains. Is this going to be a good day? Hope so!

The Juice Kitchen sent some instructions on what to expect and what to do on a cleanse, which is VERY helpful as you can understand exactly what is happening to your body:

“STAGE ONE (Days 1 and 2)

During this first stage your blood sugar will drop to below 70 mg/dl. Your body will convert liver glycogen into glucose, which will then be released into your bloodstream in an effort to restore the body’s normal blood sugar levels. After approximately 12 hours your body will reduce its basal metabolic rate, thereby lowering your blood pressure, further glycogen is then taken from muscle.

The body does this to conserve energy. Most people feel the benefits of a juice cleanse from as early as the first day, with increased energy and alertness, though if your diet has been poor prior to starting the cleanse you may feel a little weak during this first stage, but this should last no longer than 3 days.

Weight loss during this period is usually around 1.4kg”

Keep up to date on my juice cleanse by following my Instagram Story – I promise I will keep my crying to a minimum. Probably.

Love from,

Lamb xx


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