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My thoughts on the ‘Me Too’ movement

As a blogger, you often get put off writing about controversial topics such as this. Why? Well, people can be nasty and they can (and will) send you horrible messages that basically make you feel like crap. The first time I had a taste of this was writing about Feminism and what it stands for – 95% of people responded positively. The other 5%… let’s not talk about them longer than we need to! With that being said, I had to have my say on this viral movement.

By now, everyone has seen the ‘Me Too’ movement, and like most of these movements, people have had their say on what they think about it. So, without diving in immediately with my thoughts, let’s see where it all started.

Where did ‘Me Too’ begin?

Apparently, the ‘me too’ movement was started by activist Tarana Burke in the mid-2000s. Burke was a survivor of sexual assault. The movement was reignited by Alyssa Milano (Charmed, anyone? One of my favourite shows of all time!) as she Tweeted out the following:'me too'

If you have the time, click here and read the thread under this Twitter update, it will both break your heart and fill you with pride at these women coming forward. Her goal was to show the magnitude of this problem and how common sexual assault is. It also came out shortly after the huge Harvey Weinstein revelation as more women in the entertainment industry kept coming forward sharing their personal experiences with the predator.

People want statistics about HOW MANY women are sexually assaulted annually and my answer to that is ‘show some respect’. We, as humans, respond to situations differently and we should be given the right to privacy on the matter as much as we’re entitled to tell our stories. Do you want proof as to how common? Scroll down your Facebook feed and see how many stories are being shared – and they’re the only ones happy to share their stories.

I first saw the ‘Me Too’ movement and immediately thought ‘I haven’t been THAT badly sexually assaulted, have I?’ There was that one time in Thailand when I was followed home by a local who would stop and masturbate next to me, something that went on for 30 minutes. Oh yes, and the countless times guys have grabbed my ass in clubs, sometimes reaching under my clothes to get a good grip and then laughing in my face when I got mad. Ah yes, and that time when I was 17 years old and a 35-year-old man placed his hand on my thigh and refused to take it off until I started causing a scene. This actually came up on my memory timeline this morning:

'me too'


Shall we draw the line? What is acceptably deemed sexual assault or not?

WHY would you even have that conversation? If a woman is groped or made to feel any other way but comfortable, you are in the wrong. We, as women, have a right to personal space and freedom of being beautiful and feminine without having it thrown in our faces. I remember speaking to a guy ‘friend’ of mine about being groped in a club and his response was, ‘did you see how short your dress was though? Can you blame the guy?’. Yes, I fucking can.

The SlutWalk hosted annually by Amber Rose is another incredible example of how you have ZERO right to take a woman in any way based on the way she dresses. The moment she says “no”, it’s NO. Not, “she was totally asking for it” or “I could tell she was keen”. You’re not a mind reader and until it is clarified as to what she wants, stop.

I am totally for the ‘Me Too’ movement and I feel those who feel it’s attacking males are, with respect, missing the picture. This has nothing to do with the men who haven’t sexually assaulted the women; it is about the women who have been victim to assault and how HUGE this problem really is. Never once was it stated that all men are terrible and should ALL be held accountable for their actions. That’s impossible. It’s about opening the publics eyes to how common these cases are and how, as a human race, we can make things safer for women.

We NEED to make things safer. Together. I’m proud to stand with other women and proudly say, Me Too.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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