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Underberg: An affordable destination with SO much to see!

It seems like I’m always on the move and as we know, most of the questions are “How do you take time off?” or “How do you afford to travel?”. So, I decided to put together a little affordable getaway and show just how cheaply I do travel. I booked my holiday through the awesome Afristay and, after looking on their site, I realized how many affordable places there were within South Africa! As I’m a HUGE fan of the Drakensberg and finding a place that ticks all my boxes, I booked my spot in Underberg – The Tumble In B&B. I die. It’s so cute!

Firstly, I am not a fancy lady, I don’t need the bells and whistles – I honestly feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in fancy places. The people I meet there are disconnected and I’ve never left an establishment with 3+ stars where I’ve wanted to go back again. I enjoy the simplest things in life; they allow me to fully relax when I’m away so there are no distractions.


Some of my preferred attributes of a Lamb Holiday Destination

  • No TV. I can’t with TV whilst on vacation.
  • A basic WiFi connection. Simply for messaging – ain’t nobody got time for Netflix whilst on vacation.
  • I need space outside, wide-open spaces of grass, beach or forest.
  • Space for indoor and outdoor yoga. I can’t be without my flow, it’s worse than when I am hangry. Trust me.
  • A great host or awesome staff. There is nothing worse than walking into a reception area and being met with attitude and big sighs whenever asked a question. You don’t want guests? Then you won’t have a job.


What can you do in Underberg?

Head to Sani Pass!

Lesotho is RIGHT THERE and if you remember from my last post about Hiking Up Sani Pass, you’ll remember just how beautiful this is!


There are great trails ranging from beginner to experienced hiker and they are beautiful! Remember to pack for all seasons, as the weather likes to change every 5 minutes in the Drakensberg!


This I did not do… as you know, I’m just learning to distinguish between a parrot and a stork. BUT – the birding is said to be amazing and there are several National Parks close by that have birding trails available.


I mainly did this, with a bit of yoga, because I needed it! I sometimes feel that we try full our holidays with SO many activities that we never actually come back refreshed. Take a trip down to the local SPCA Shop, buy a book, and go chill at The Lemon Tree or Giant’s Cup Café for spectacular views!


UnderbergI came home feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week ahead! Actually, I write this to you as I’m about to head to the airport to take a quick trip to Johannesburg and I would normally be slurping on some coffee – but I’m still feeling the chilled effects of last week!

Total trip costs:

Accommodation: R1352 for 4 nights (This cost is per person)

Petrol: R500 (This price will differ depending on vehicle)

Food: Averaging R200 a day for two meals at the local cafes – my accommodation did have awesome self-catering facilities if that’s more to your liking!

EVERYTHING can be done on a budget – book your holiday, you deserve it!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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