Why I chose the expat life again…

I woke up this morning, rolled over and gazed out the window. The mountains are capped with snow and I hear my neighbour’s radio playing Korean music. We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!

Breakfast and Yuja tea on my yoga mat; lazily flowing whilst thinking about the day ahead. Temperatures are sitting at -10 so it’s time to wrap up warm and brace my body for the sting of the cold. Short walk to the subway station, topped up my card with 10, 000 won and I hear my train pulling into the station. A quick giggle with my fellow travellers as we race down the stairs to get the train, not very gracefully I might add! Only a 10-minute trip but I whip out my phone and continue reading The President’s Keeper (if you haven’t read this and are in any way interested in South African politics and our current situation – read it!)expat

My stop arrives and I walk the 15 minutes to my favourite coffee shop outside my school building. The walk consists of careful navigation through ice and leftover snow from the previous weekend. I’m currently typing this listening to a happy hum of Korean from the surrounding tables. I have yet to meet someone today that speaks English (probably) and yet, I’m perfectly content. A standard start to my day as an expat in South Korea.

Simply put, I was bored.

We are all different and we crave different things. I’ve never thought that we were all meant to live the same life; it never even crossed my mind. We all have different tastes and needs; how boring would it be if we all liked the same things?

I was no longer happy with my life and craved a different experience. Everything was familiar, I knew what most restaurants served, what was on offer from the country and felt like I had no room to grow. There was this hunger that I couldn’t satisfy and I just felt that I would be doing myself a disservice if I simply ignored my cravings and lived a half-life.

I wanted to learn a new language, experience a new culture and see the world. So, I did. I loved myself and listened to what I wanted. I followed the road to happy that was paved out in front of me. You are responsible for your own happiness and we all make that horrible mistake in thinking that we have time. We don’t. This turbulent life is short. It’s difficult and beautiful, but short.expat

What’s next?

I’ve been living in the happiest little bubble for the last month (hence the no blogging, my apologies!) but I’m getting into my little routine and I’m ready to get back into the ‘sharing is caring’ mood! I have a few posts in the works, both travel and wellness related. I feel incredibly inspired here and I’m excited to share my thoughts on being a single female expat in my late 20’s! So far, it’s a beautiful thing…

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My love always,

Lamb xx

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