Things I need to STOP doing in 2018

What is this you hear?

A yogi being negative?



Not this blog.

Eliminating bad vibes from your life cannot be seen as negative. I’ve definitely lost my filter this year; I’ve been standing up for myself more and taking back my power. Again, having a solid idea of your true self and standing up for that self can only be applauded, not silenced. As Ke$ha says, “I’m proud of who I am.”

I’ve had some shit times this year that have tested me in so many different ways. I’ve had ‘friends’ reveal themselves; some wonderful people have shown their true colours and shattered my heart a bit.

I’ve learnt that family may be blood but that doesn’t mean you can be a punching bag for the sake of the family.

And, I’ve realized what I need to stop doing.

Making excuses for people

I’m the first to jump to people’s defence if they are not there to defend themselves. What I’ve learnt is that some people should not be defended and they might not deserve your words. Defending others can often lead you into uncomfortable situations; your conversation group is obviously quite happy to rip this person apart and you’re tilting that narrative. The mood might shift because the person doing the battering does not want to know ‘good’ about the person being battered and will become sensitive.

Before putting yourself in that awkward situation, ask yourself, ‘Would the person defend me if the situation was reversed?’ I need to learn to be more selective about who I invest my energy on.

Making a huge effort for people who give nothing back

This one is tricky for those who always need to have people around them – by the way, you need to work on that too for 2018! Your own personal company should be your favourite.

We all know that friend who is ‘bad with their phone’ and who doesn’t keep in touch. You’re obviously not a priority in their lives. The end. There needs to be a friend edition of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’.


I need to stop doing things that will make me feel shit!

I love that meme that goes something like:

“Me: I don’t know why I feel so shit

Brain: You need to drink water…

Me: Like, no idea…

Brain: Try sleeping more…

Me: Really REALLY no idea…

Brain: Try eating a piece of fruit!”

Every single time I see it I save it and send it to someone. It’s quite hysterical that we have the knowledge to prevent SO much and yet we still do what makes us feel shit.

Perfect example, this morning I woke up and realized I only needed to be ready by 6 pm. I was so excited I had the whole day to myself… and then I did nothing for the first four hours of it, which made me feel… SHIT.

Eating such crap!

It’s horrifying to me that I eat pretty well in terms of worldly standards and yet my diet can often be shocking. 2018 is the year I take my diet to the next level. I need to stop making excuses and some of them are:

  • It’s too difficult to cut out…
  • It’s too expensive to eat perfectly…
  • It’s so tricky eating out…

Your health and well-being are never too difficult/expensive/tricky! You get one body – start acting like it!

Pretending I don’t know what I want

I think we like to fool ourselves into thinking that if we ignore our true needs they will just go away. One day, those urges will dissipate and never return. That will never happen. You’ve heard of housewives who go mad after 20 years and decide to join the circus… Yup, don’t be that person who waits forever.

If you go looking for an excuse, you will find one. There is an abundance of excuses because so many people have created them to make themselves feel better about not going after what they want.

Stop with the fucking excuses and just make yourself happy.

Keeping quiet when someone offends me

I’ve always been a target because people see my confidence and assume “Ah, Tam can take a bit of teasing.” I fucking hate it. I hate that by social standards I’m deemed as strong and therefore I can take whatever insecure reflections you may have.

Do you understand what you are doing? Can you imagine if someone took your insecurities and slammed them into your face?

  • It’s horrible.
  • It’s not what friends or family do.
  • And I won’t stand for it any longer. I don’t need to.


Keeping in compliments

I’m pretty good at complimenting people but I need to share MORE love. I’ve never once felt bad at complimenting another and haven’t ever gotten a bad reaction from sharing words of love.

Let’s love more and tell others how FUCKING AMAZING they are!

I am sending an abundance of love to you on the final day of 2017. You are a beautiful human and deserve a lifetime of happiness. I am SO excited for 2018 and continuing my adventures here in South Korea (and around the world – stay tuned!)

What have you got planned for 2018? Share them with me on Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below!

As always…

Love from,

Lamb x

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