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single-use plastics

Water-to-Go – the travellers answer to reducing single-use plastics?

Something that has seriously stood out to me during my travels – is the massive amounts of bottled water I drink! Whilst living in Dubai, Thailand and now, Korea, it’s advised that you don’t drink the water from the tap (faucet).

So, where do you get your water?

From a convenience store… in a plastic bottle.

On my Instagram Story, you would’ve seen that I’ve been mentioning how I’m on an active mission to reduce my consumption of single-use plastics.

Consumption: (noun) “the act or process of using up something”

Once used, it’s tossed into the trashcan and never used again. It brings new meaning to the word waste… It literally gets moved from dump to dump until it finds it’s way into our oceans.

To give you a clear idea of my weekly consumption of plastic water bottles:single-use plastics

A friend saw my Instagram Story and pointed me in the direction of Water-to-Go and I fell in love. Their mission:

To deliver clean safe drinking water to everyone who needs it and to reduce the pollution caused by single-use plastic water bottles.

Their water bottle has a built-in Water Filtration System that filters over 99.9% of:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Protozoa
  • Cysts

And reduces or removes:

  • Flouride
  • Chlorine
  • Heavy Metals
  • Bad taste & Odour

To me, this is what Water-to-Go adds to my life:

  • It cuts down my water bottle consumption from the picture you saw above to the picture below. Having to collect my own recycling here in Korea has opened my eyes to how much plastic waste I actually leave behind me. If you are ever in doubt of how big or small your plastic wastage footprint is – collect all the plastic you’ve used for a week in a visible place around your house and prepare to be amazed. And saddened.

single-use plastics

  • It saves me money! Buying a $1.20 two-litre water bottle every single day ends up being $36 a month and that’s without including all the expensive (sometimes $2 for 500ml) smaller bottles bought on the run. My favourite Water-to-Go bottle will set you back $34 and the filter will be good for 200 litres!
  • It’s made me more aware of my bad daily habits. These aren’t the ‘leaving your laundry on the floor’ type of habits. They’re the how much plastic I’m using on a daily basis kind of habits. I’ve started to minimize in other areas too! Bonus tip: substitute your plastic bags for cute buys like these below. I don’t even speak the language here, but I firmly shake my head when offered a plastic packet here in Korea and pull out one of my reusable ones instead.

single-use plastics

None of us are perfect, but we can all start lowering out single-use plastic consumption!

This blog post is not sponsored and these opinions are my own. However, the lovely team from Water-to-Go have given me a coupon code for my beautiful readers!

Use ‘TWL15’ at checkout for a 15% discount!

Let’s Save Our Planet…. Together.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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