How I stay grounded whilst travelling

I recently lost my beautiful Nana. It broke my heart and I wasn’t expecting it. There is some spontaneity in surprising yourself by how you’ll react to life events like losing a loved one. Before I left for South Korea, I flew up to Johannesburg to see her and give her a squeeze before I left. It didn’t make it any easier, I still felt this overwhelming urge to hop on a plane and be there for my family. I honestly felt like my feet weren’t on the ground. I didn’t feel grounded.

It doesn’t happen often, but I sometimes feel like I lose grip on reality when travelling and feel like a feather in the wind. Neither here nor there. No purpose. This may sound dramatic to some but there are so many factors to finding my way here.

My age – should I stop living in the clouds?

My home – I don’t really have one anymore.

My family – a death often sparks off your mortality fears and sends you in a panic that your family isn’t forever.

I brought myself back to the ground and sorted my mind out by doing the following things. These are my experiences and they might not all work for you, but they should bring you a little closer to the ground.

How I stay grounded whilst travelling

Music equals memories

Music has always taken me to places, some of them happy – some not. The reason I’ve included this point is that memories bring out past experiences. Brings you back to previous real-life encounters.

I touch the earth

There is an actual word for walking barefoot, it’s called Earthing. When we disconnect from the earth we become fatigued and lack energy. We need to reconnect with the earth’s energy and simply be, present. You know the feeling of sand between your toes and fresh grass underfoot. It’s pure bliss.

Experience a familiar hobby

Whether it’s reading or yoga, I always use my extra time on things I know will bring me back to earth. Once you discover what brings you serenity, you are all powerful because you have the tools to bring yourself back.

Write in your journal

I have written an entire post on Free Therapy – Journal Writing and I have to mention it once again. Writing out your emotions is a great release and brings clarity when you feel like you can’t function.

Write your gratitude list



The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Take five minutes and write 10 things you’re grateful for. Yes, I know, you’ve heard this a million times – but there’s a reason for it! It turns your day around with a little dose of reality and healthy perspective.

A little serious for Lamb, I know, but I find a little-grounded love is often needed in amongst the humour stuff.

And lastly, a special mention to everyone who sent such kind messages during that week after my Nana’s passing. The online world is given a lot of grief for being superficial, but I definitely found the kinder side of it over the last month. Thank you!

Love from,

Lamb xxtravel

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