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Why I don’t go clubbing anymore – Serious Edition

Has something ever ‘expired’ in your life? You wake up one day and just stop enjoying something you previously loved. That was clubbing and me. Our relationship is well and truly over. Every last cringe-worthy memory… we’re done.

I’m not shy in admitting I was a crazy party animal, nobody can make me feel bad for my years of drinking and bad decisions – it’s made me who I am today and I accept that. I used to frequent the clubs 2-3 nights a week and I went HARD. I mean… drunk as a skunk dancing like Beyonce and just throwing my name away. It was fun and I was young, but then I just stopped enjoying it. Even though I no longer enjoyed it, I still kept going out. Dumb, I know, but I guess I just wanted to be sure I really hated it. Also, it was near impossible to get friends my age to do anything without alcohol!

Taking it back, I started going out when I was 16 and to be honest, that’s way too young and I wouldn’t recommend it. I was lucky that I grew up in a small town that was relatively safe, but that might not always be the case and we’re very naïve at that age. I continued to party continuously until I reached Thailand at the age of 24. For the first time, I started to see life outside of getting pissed every weekend, and I loved it. I look at Thailand as the place where I found myself and today, I realize that’s because there was no alcohol involved.

I know everyone gets over the time in their lives where they always want to go out, but I think it’s beneficial to take a look and find out WHY. Self-growth is a beautiful thing and knowing yourself is equally important.


Why I don’t go clubbing anymore

I don’t like alcohol

Alcohol is probably, in my opinion, the worst poison. We’ve had some good times together, but it was literally making me ill. Alcohol:

  • Heightens your emotions and creates thoughts that wouldn’t surface without it
  • Lowers your judgment and makes you dumber than you are
  • Makes you violently ill for several days as it’s literally poisoning your body
  • Gives you depression you’ve never wanted. That ‘Loser Syndrome’ and ‘Sunday Blues’ feels. That’s alcohol still chilling in your body

I don’t enjoy being validated by drunken people

When alcohol is involved, people will openly stare at one another. Guys will happily fixate on a girl and check them out while girls will size one another up. That open judgmental factor does my head in, it’s solely based on looks and I haven’t been about that life in a really long time.

The friendly girls in the bathrooms

I’ve seen memes about this and it’s always talked about in a good way – I disagree. How can females being nice to each other behind closed doors intoxicated be a good thing? Why can’t we be nice to each other publicly and sober? I’ve had the situation where ‘cool girls’ will be super friendly and chat with me in a bathroom but once I walk out into the real world – nothing. It’s like The Breakfast Club when they realize they probably won’t greet each other during school on Monday but they legit like each other for who they are. It’s also put in place this idea of we can be nice in a bathroom but that’s it. That’s the oasis. That doesn’t work for me.

Watching young people make bad decisions

I’ve been there, waking up and instantly being flooded with visuals of the previous night – that mortified feeling is real. It’s been several years since I’ve felt like that, but I hate seeing young people make those same mistakes. You can argue that this is all part of the learning process and allowing them to grow into the person they will one day become – but I hate seeing it. Watching a young girl be charmed by a man who is completely taking advantage of her and has absolutely no intention of calling her ever again – or even letting her stay the night after he’s done.

My heart breaks for them and I don’t enjoy witnessing it. I find a lot of darkness in clubs – drug taking, date rape and heartbreak. The older you get, the more you notice things. You’re not as self-absorbed and I don’t like what I see now.

People change when they’re in clubs

Myself included in this one. You feel like you can be sassy or brave when the lights are low and the music is pumping. There’s a disconnection from the real world that I don’t think is healthy. The people you meet out are often not being their true selves and human connection is important to me. I’ve also lost friendships because I hate cleaning up after my friend’s messes when they turn into their alter ego and create chaos. It’s been a journey bringing my crazy club-self and my real-life self into alignment to balance my human out.

A balance I don’t need to alter by going to the clubs! There’s a club of happiness going on in my head right now!

I can’t handle the fighting and the crying

You don’t see people fighting in restaurants or bars; they keep it under wraps a bit more. But in clubs, it’s like someone has a red flag in front of these peoples eyes and all hell breaks loose! Girls start crying for no reason and couples fight like they’re on an episode of Jersey Shore. Emotions are heightened and it sucks to be around. I don’t need that bad energy seeping into my life!

I’ve titled this blog post the ‘serious edition’ because I started working on a ‘funny edition’ for some laughs. I wanted to keep things pretty serious for this post to put across some issues that I do find serious.

What are your feelings on the matter? Let me know!

Stay tuned for the silly-ass version!

Love from,

Lamb xx



  • Samuel

    September 26, 2018 at 00:58

    I find this accurate even as a guy, I don’t want to get laid at a club anymore since it’s just short term, loveless sex. All playing music I hate, fake personalities, and, a self that I do not believe to be me. I hope young people realise sooner that clubbing, and particularly the relations that develop from such experiences do not equate to a standard friendship.


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