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Am I still using my menstrual cup? 1-year update

Oh my sweet uterus, it’s another period post. Can I just say how much I love talking about periods? It comes once a month, 12 times a year and countless hours of cramps. Periods are such a big part of my life and yet I speak about them so little.

Anyway, about a year ago I did a post about using a Mooncup/Divacup/Menstrual Cup for the first time and I answered several FAQs on the topic. The post did extremely well and I still get asked about it a lot on my Instagram page. Please understand that I find absolutely nothing embarrassing about periods and will gladly answer all of your questions, so don’t be shy!

So, a year has passed and the big question is am I still using my menstrual cup? Yes. My beautiful vagina has not seen a tampon all year and she’s quite happy with the separation. My vagina feels like a green goddess; contributing to the environment with every period! She wouldn’t have it any other way and that vagina knows what she wants.

To make this an informative post without the simple answer of a ‘yes’, I’m going to share some of the things I’ve learnt from using a cup for an entire year. I hope these tips will help you with your decision to purchase one of these majestic cups.

Tips on how to use a menstrual cup

Always have wipes in your handbag

If you’re out in public and need to empty her out, you will need some wipes if you don’t want to use toilet paper. For me personally, wipes work best and they also help keep my hands clean after emptying it out. Some bathroom stalls don’t have basins and you’re pretty limited in cleaning equipment. Just make sure they’re fragrance-free wipes so they don’t irritate her Majesty, the vagina.

It’s OK to struggle

Sometimes, she’s gonna be a little stubborn. She, being the cup, does not have moods or anxiety – you do. If you’re struggling on either putting it in or taking it out, it could have something to do with your stress levels and you need to take a breath. I find that when I’m stressed, it’s not as easy a process.

Yes, it does leak

Sorry, it’s not some foolproof anti-leakage device. When it is full, it will leak and you need to change it. Don’t be silly and take forever to empty it; check in at 3-hour intervals (although this is completely depending on your personal flow) so you don’t ever reach the leakage point.

Don’t be afraid to change your size

We’re all different, ‘one size fits all’ never bladdy works with clothing so why would our vaginas be one size? It often has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of sex you’ve had – more just to do with how we are made… and childbirth. Instead of throwing in the idea of using a cup, simple change your size and see if that works for you.

Boil it and don’t be lazy

After your period finishes, you need to clean your menstrual cup properly. I know you might just give it a rinse and think it looks clean – it’s not. Do as is instructed and put it in boiling water to give it a proper clean after every period. When you finish cleaning it, put it back into its little pouch and store it somewhere out of the sun.

Talk about it

My first post taught me that people are curious but shy. They want to know more but seem afraid to speak up and ask. When it’s just your girlfriends (or if you want to piss off the lads) chat about how happy you are with the product and encourage them to try it out. Tampons and pads are a huge issue when it comes to waste; us ladies need to do what we can in times like these. Our poor planet will be grateful for your consideration.

So, would I still recommend this product? Absolutely. It’s been great and I’ve taken it on many trips where the standards for bathrooms have been pretty low. It just takes a bit of practice and an adjustment period.

Don’t be afraid to ‘get to know’ your vagina – she’ll thank you for it!

Love from,

Lamb xx


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