My weekend trip to Busan, South Korea

I’ve always thought of myself as a forest baby, craving trees and GREEN things. All the green things… Lamb! Focus. Besides my prior assumption, I really felt myself craving the smell of the ocean. It could be the relentless city air, but the thought of sinking my toes in the sand made me so happy.

If reading isn’t you think and you’d prefer to see the videos from my Busan trip – click here and check out my Instagram Highlight labelled ‘Busan’. 



We don’t get a lot of free time during the year, so the thought of a long-weekend going to waste was too much for us the bare! The second largest city in South Korea is Busan and it’s located down south along the coast. It’s a two-hour KTX ride from Seoul (for 60 000 won/$60 one-way) or you can take a bus. We left it too late to book a KTX train so we opted for the bus. The bus will set you back between 40 000 – 50 000 ($40-$50) for a round trip. You save a lot more money, but it takes about 6 hours each way if there is traffic. For a long weekend, suck it up and take the KTX, if your time is limited, you don’t want to waste it sitting on a bus.


Busan is really beautiful and I loved the vibe of the city. We spent most of our time near the coast and I would compare it to Cape Town in South Africa. Lots happening and a great nightlife too. Luck wasn’t on our side and we went when the weather was horrendous! Constant rain all weekend and we were slightly heartbroken. I’m definitely going back when the weather is better to see this place in all of its splendour!

Here’s what we got up to in Busan:

  • Food

When the weather is bad… you eat! We decided to spend more cash on our meals because we couldn’t just grab something from a street vendor and walk along the beach. The food was delicious at all of the places we tried and I give Busan an A+ on her restaurants.

  • The Aquarium

I can imagine this would be better if it wasn’t so crowded. We couldn’t blame the crowds as we went when the downpour was at its worst! They don’t offer any Dolphin Shows or horrific practices like that. Sea Life Busan Aquarium prides themselves on showing their rehabilitation work and even have an entire section where the kids can play vet for the day. They offer talks on different corals found nearby and how they’re helping the surrounding habitats. It is rather pricey at 27 000 won ($27), but when the weather is bad – it’s worth it!

  • Spa Land

The famous spas or jjimjilbangs as they’re called here in Korea, are known for their naked bathhouses. They are separated by gender, but you can literally bath and shower naked with complete strangers. If this is your vibe and a hidden dream of yours – come to Korea! If the thought of letting your loins float freely with others fills you with joy… what are you waiting for? Get your ass (and loins) over here!

That isn’t all Spa Land has to offer, you pay a small price of 18 000 won ($18) for the use of their facilities for four hours. The facilities are awesome with about a dozen relaxation rooms from heat to healing sound waves for your enjoyment. It’s a MASSIVE place and you see people dozing on loungers working off hangovers. Massages and such are available at an extra price but you can still find relaxation even if you don’t get the additional treatments. It was an awesome experience and we actually felt super relaxed after we left. We also didn’t expect to stay for the full 4-hours but they really flew by.

  • Gamcheon Cultural Village

By far my favourite place from our trip, the cultural village is awesome. You can spend the entire day exploring it and taking pictures of the colourful houses. It’s super easy to get to, hop off at Toseong station and take the 2 or 2-2 bus in front of the hospital. Take Exit 6 from the subway and walk up until you see the bus stop outside of the hospital. The bus rides to and from the cultural village are a little scary. I’m from a third world country where our busses aren’t routinely checked so I expect breaks to fail at any minute. These guys can drive and I was really impressed with the way they navigated the curvy narrow streets.


Busan is awesome and I feel like there’s a different energy there versus what I experience in Seoul. More relaxed and that’s definitely my scene! It also made me aware of how diverse Korea is and how much I need to see before I leave this country.

I’m definitely going back on a better weekend to see this epic city in all its brightness!

Love from,

Lamb xx


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