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5 ways to work and travel

It’s been about 7 months since I hung up my Digital Nomad shoes and surrendered to that single-employer life. The transition has been… trying. I’ll save that for a completely different post, but it’s very hard to go from managing your own time to being at the mercy of a schedule.

Just because I changed lifestyles, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up with the Digital Nomad world and watching how others make money. It’s important for me to ‘keep with it’ in case I want to get ‘back with it’. Wow, I just felt like a cool mom instead of a regular mom typing that sentence out.

These are not the only five ways to work and travel, not even close! There are hundreds of ways and I feel like dozens more positions open up each day. These are the ones I feel are more accessible to people my own age and the skill set is in the ‘attainable category’. I can’t stress enough how hard it is to be a digital nomad and how hard you have to work to build up a reliable clientele online. It takes time and a tremendous amount of outreach. You got to brush up on those self-selling skills.

work and travel

5 ways to work and travel

1 – Provide Content (for Social Media)

We’ve all seen those enviable social media pages that post epic self-made videos and half a dozen articles every single day. How do they do it? They definitely don’t have one content creator, that’s for sure. I had to consult for a Community Page once and I remember asking where their Content Team was and they didn’t think they needed one. Well… they wouldn’t listen and it didn’t work. Churning out content takes a dedicated team of several individuals and FUNDING. To get quality, you must be willing to pay for it – so… be a good content creator and provide it. Articles, photos, videos, infographics, animations, illustrations etc. If you have any of these skills, use them. Be prepared to work hard as they’ll expect a ton of output per week, but for the right company, the pay can be worth it.

I don’t need to tell you where to find these jobs; you can literally search on Google. Try typing in a search term like “online remote content creators needed”.

2 – Teach English Online

China has been spearheading this in a big way. Living in Korea, I can totally understand why tutoring online would work rather than driving to four different academies every single night. Some of my elementary students get home after 10 pm because of all their academies. If they have a way of talking to their teachers ‘face to face’ and one on one without leaving a study hall – it would save them a lot of energy.

Again, there are so many different companies that offer this, just type something along the lines of ‘tutor English online’ and you’ll get plenty of hits. Send several queries out to the companies and go with the one you think will be the best fit. Classes vary in terms of time and pay. My friend earns $7 for every 25-minute class, so it works out to $20 per hour. That could sound like a little, but if you teach a lot of classes every day, you can reach over $100 per day pretty easily and that is enough to live in quite a few countries as an expat.

work and travel

3 – Make online tutorials

The internet is alive… with webinars and tutorials. If you have a skill that someone can learn from, do yourself a favour; invest in a camera and get to work. Create an online community with Social Media/Blog/YouTube Channel and then move onto e-books. This would take a lot of time to build up and you would need to start whilst still be working at another job, but it’s so worth it. People are craving information at the moment and are willing to part with their cash to better themselves. Find that something you can offer and go for it!

4 – Offer Photography or Videography for Websites

Travelling photographers are becoming a real thing because they’re more desirable than hiring people in your area. Let me explain, a traveller rocks up at an Air BnB and sees that they can give the owner a better online presence by taking better photos. They offer to photograph the property for a few nights free accommodation. Same with restaurants or café’s; offer them photos in exchange for free meals or a place to work. Photographers build up their portfolios by doing these trade exchanges and then they can start approaching establishments for actual cash.

Reach out before you arrive in a new area, search online for surrounding places that could use your skills and book yourself some jobs before arriving. Also, Google their local photographers and make sure you’re offering less than the going rate. You can travel and make cash… whilst building up your portfolio! You’re not going to make millions, but it’s a great way to continue working and seeing the world.

5 – Customer Service Manager

Do you remember when you used to send out an email with a complaint and you’d receive a reply in a couple of weeks? Those days are gone thanks to Social Media. People send a Company Page a direct message and they expect a reply within minutes. People are used to receiving answers immediately and it can really hurt your brand if you’re not efficient with your responses. Company Pages cannot always be ‘on it’ because they don’t have the manpower or the time. Hiring an online Customer Service Manager is becoming desirable and you can simply add them as an admin to get started.

A script will then be sent to you on how you answer the various queries and you can get started immediately. You do need access to the Internet, at least during business hours, and the ability to respond timelessly.

work and travel

The online world is GROWING and it’s exciting; people who couldn’t afford fancy schools are becoming millionaires and smarts are overtaking family connections. YOU have the power to make a solid income if you work hard and do your research. Don’t be scared to learn a new skill, offer trade exchanges to build up your portfolio and think outside the box.

And for my final parting… Back yourself. The world is hard on you as it is – show yourself a bit of love and learn to sell yourself.

If you’re just heading into this online world… good luck and keep trying!

Love from,

Lamb xx


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