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Quality Content = Followers and organic growth, right?

There’s this whole idea of how if your content on Social Media is of a high quality – the followers will come. The reach will land on your doorstep and instant Social Media success will be yours. Can we just stop perpetuating this lie and come clean? Let’s think about this in a ‘real’ situation for the Old School heroes:

You have this incredible shop, my gosh, it’s beautiful. You walk in and your jaw drops at the sheer magic of this place. There are oodles of goodies for you to buy and you spend hours browsing; simply taking in how awesome it is. However, there’s a huge problem. There are no roads to get to this shop, nobody knows it exists because the owners haven’t done any ‘roadbuilding’ or told anyone about it. But wow… it’s a great store.

quality content

The lie of Quality Content = Organic Growth

I’m so tired of seeing Digital Marketing platforms boast about how simple growth is when you have quality content. Just… stop. Since the old age of marketing, it’s been fundamental that people understand that a great product doesn’t equal immediate success. You have to market it correctly and make it readily available to the consumer. Without that easy aspect, your consumer will likely give up before purchasing or engaging with you.

Bringing it back to Social Media, am I saying quality content isn’t important? Absolutely not, it’s very important and I can’t stress it enough. I’m saying you can’t JUST have quality content to succeed; you need a plan on how to get that content in front of viewers. You need a marketing strategy in some capacity and you need to implement it to see real growth.

How do I even start with marketing my content?

To be really honest, I have done the bare minimum in the last 6 months and it’s not enough. I know people hire an ‘Instagram Person’ and a ‘Facebook Person’ just to work on outreach because it’s that much of a job.

You can start with the bare minimum and strive to be as consistent as possible. I’ve been utterly useless and my account has felt it. I get most of my new Instagram and Facebook followers from my blog because Instagram restricts my content so much. The quality of my content has gone way up but my reach has gone way down. Why is that? No marketing. Pure and simple. I’ve totally neglected outreach because I’ve been so busy. Facebook is easier to manage because of their effective ads, I haven’t had the same joy with Instagram and it seems they want you to interact all day. Who has time for that? Not me.

quality content

Basics of Instagram Marketing


Hashtags are still used and can help you when looking to do a bit of outreach. The new ‘follow a hashtag’ is alive and well; I suggest you start following a couple and spend time interacting with those posts. You will also start to see them in your stories, watch those too to expand your reach.


It really does help because Instagram wants to know where you are. When the third-party marketing programs came into play your IP address kept pinging from different locations. Instagram wants to know where you are so they know where to show your content – use them in your stories too.


Interacting with other accounts really does work; you need to be liking and commenting to your heart’s content! Building up a back and forth with users really helps your engagement.

Instagram Ads

They do work because we’ve all seen them and I’m sure, some have even clicked on the links in the ads because they’ve seen something they like. Instagram watch your online activity and shows you things they assume you’ll be interested in. Sometimes, they get it right and you’ll show interest in it. Try making your audience specific in your ad setup so that you’re not competing with massive brands doing the same mass marketing.

Collaborations and Shoutouts

These don’t work as well anymore, but they do still help. I just got a photo reposted by a Korean brand here in South Korea and I gained about a dozen followers and about 50 profile visits. Everything helps, so just keep at it and it will add up!

In conclusion, keep up the high quality, but make sure that quality content can be found. There is no use having a beautiful shop when no one knows where the hell it is. You can’t go in with the strategy of ‘good quality results in followers’ – you’ll end up being very disappointed.

Love from,
Lamb xx


  • Rikke

    July 2, 2018 at 21:27

    Yeah, I really liked this post. So helpful for an analogue journalist such as myself. I dont have the patience or the time at the moment to research marketing and now you have laid it out for me on a silver platter so that I dont have to. Thank you so much. Talking about quality content. This one for you. Heeeep!
    X, Rikke

    • tammylambson

      July 3, 2018 at 09:54

      Thank you so much! Your feedback means the world to me. It’s so important to explain things clearly when it comes to a complicated topic – so glad you found it helpful! xxx


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